Glazier's origins are unknown, though she claimed not to have been born with her powers but to have acquired them after a man broke her heart. A white haired,white skinned woman who wore evening gloves to conceal her arms, she lived with her dog, Snowstar, in a house made of glass on a lonely stretch of beach, filled with what appeared to be glass statues of men. Finding Bruce Banner unconscious on the shore, she took him to her house and appeared to be tending to him out of kindness, until a month later Banner learned the truth: Glazier's evening gloves hid arms of crystal and her touch, under the light of a full moon, turned living things to glass, as she had done with all her male visitors before him. Glazier attempted to use her touch on banner, but he transformed into the Hulk and fought back, causing her to accidentally transform her faithful Snowstar into a statue which subsequently shattered. The Hulk's weight then caused the glass house to collapse, sending Glazier and himself plummeting into the sea. The Hulk escaped, but Glazier's own power had been turned on her when she touched herself with her uncovered arms in the confusion, and she was left as a glass statue standing on the sea bed.[1]


Glaciation: Glazier's touch transforms living things into glass, but only if utilized by the light of the full moon. It is possible that her power (which Bruce Banner referred to as an 'evil spell') is magical or supernatural in nature.


Glazier is not immune to her own power.

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