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Glenda was a doctor who was married to Parnell Jacobs and was captured by some insurgents in the Kingdom of Aqiria in the middle of a civil war. This emergency forced his husband to help War Machine in his attempt to free the country and rescue Glenda.[citation needed]

Payback time

After a vicious battle, War Machine confronted Ares and Davis Harmon, Eaglestar's CEO and the man who kidnapped Glenda. Rhodey managed to defeat Ares, even for a brief moment and Harmon freed Sandoval from the confinement area. Harmon was sure that he couldn't be prosecuted by his war crimes due to the legal status of Aqiria, but that didn't stopped Glenda of taking justice into her own hands. But Harmon's deep secrets were opened by Ares, a rabid pack of prisoners infected by the ultimo virus. And Glenda was of the first victims becoming an enraged slave of the virus.[citation needed]

Powers and Abilities

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Glenda is a trained doctor and combat medic. She also has some experience with wielding firearms.

Physical Strength

Normal human.

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