Glindlefit was one of several dwarves who escaped from the mines of Nidavellir and settled in Los Angeles.[1] The Dwarves' plan was to use the magical ore of a meteor they stole from a Viking museum exhibit to possess the body of a mindless Norse monster, and take over Los Angeles for wealth and power. Glindlefit was to be sacrificed, so his soul could be transferred into the ore, and subsequently into the monster.[2]

Before they could begin the ceremony to transfer Glindlefit's soul into the ore, Ghost Rider appeared, in order to avenge the death of a port operator they killed as part of their plan. Hawkeye joined the brawl, having investigated the theft of the meteor at the request of the museum's curator. Gwenpool also stepped in, having been unintentionally teleported inside Ghost Rider's trunk. In the middle of the confusion caused by Gwenpool's appearance, Glindlefit and the rest of the dwarves escaped without the ore.[1]

Glindlefit and the dwarves then moved to the Port of Los Angeles, awaiting a shipment crate containing the mindless beast, as well as one of their own that had the task of recovering the ore. Having joined forces, Gwenpool, Hawkeye and Ghost Rider intrevened in the dwarves' plan once again. Gwenpool managed to retrieve the ore, which had become possessed by her ghost friend Cecil, and incrusted it into the mindless beast. Now in control of the monster, Cecil threatened the dwarves into fleeing back to Nivadellir.[2]

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