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The Gloomy Gusses are a group of curmudgeons that live in the potentially imaginary world of Nowhere. They are the constant antagonists to the Candy Men a race of sentient candy that is also lives in Nowhere. Armed with their pitch forks they enjoyed poking the Candy Men causing them to melt. When Jimmy Jupiter visited the realm of the Candy Men, he was mistaken for one of the Gloomy Gusses until the group attacked the Candy People.

Catching Jimmy, one of the Gusses poked him, and instead of melting he became very sad. Impressed by this, two of the Gusses hoped to turn Jimmy into one of them. However, Jimmy learned that their weakness was being tickled. Telling this to the Candy Men, Jimmy help drive off the Gloomy Gusses.



The Gloomy Gusses are armed with pitch forks. When used against Candy People it causes them to melt. When used on a human being, the pitch forks caused their victims to become very sad.

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