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Gloriana "GG" Grant was a gifted programer accepted into Stark Camp, a weekend for bright youth hosted at the Maria Stark Science Center. She was friends with fellow attendees Neel and Riya Chambal, Ganke Lee, and Peter Parker.

When Spider-Man was battling Shocker, GG used her Worldcrafting to create a brick wall surrounding Schultz, forcing him to retreat.[2] The next day, she was showing Parker Videoman, an aspect of Worldcrafting, but it went haywire. Peter allowed the avatar to knock him into another so he could return as Spider-Man and defeat it. Administrator Liu almost expelled Gloriana before Peter realized it was a diversion for someone to steal an Arc Reactor.[1] Ganke noticed that the Worldcrafting code had been altered, proving to Mrs. Liu that GG was framed.[3]

Later, The Vulture ransacked the center being pursued by Black Panther and Spider-Man. Ganke gave a communication device to Spidey, with GG creating an algorithm to help him and King T'Challa capture the felon.[4] The next day, a pair of armed assailants had kidnapped Lee and were attempting to kill Parker. GG detected that they were using the center's projection grid and overloaded it, revealing the attackers to no only be the arc reactor thieves, but the ones who had hacked Gloriana.[4]

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