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Glorianna is a roadster owned by Goleta the Wizardslayer and used for transport throughout Weirdworld.[1]

Escaping the Sand Sharks in the Endless Desert.

While training Becca the Earthgirl to be her squire, Goleta was startled by the sudden appearance of Ogeode the Catbeast and drove her car off the road into the Endless Desert. There the pair were attacked by Sand Sharks and Becca was forced to operate Glorianna in order to rescue Goleta from the creatures. Unfortunately due to her youth, she was not a very proficient driver, and burned out the Emerald Fuel Injector in the process.[2]

Becca later stole an Emerald Fuel Injector from Nakia the Grand Mechanic, in order to repair Glorianna, so that they could continue their quest for the Fang Mountains.[3]

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