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Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616) and Thor Odinson (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 1 617 001.png


All Asgardians,[1] and other deities in the Marvel Universe,[citation needed] can speak every language thanks to the "Allspeak"[citation needed] or "All-Tongue", in which what they say is understood by every species in their own native language.[1]

Ghost (Earth-616), Calvin Zabo (Earth-616) and Satana Hellstrom (Earth-616) from Dark Avengers Vol 1 176 001.jpg

Man-Thing speaking X'zelzi'ohr


When Man-Thing was granted speech again he spoke the language of X'zelzi'ohr, the universal language. Everyone heard him in a way they were accustomed to, meaning he spoke "American" to the likes of Satana and Moonstone, but was concise and to the point for Ghost, a lewd Englishman to Mr. Hyde, and a total thug to Boomerang.[2]

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