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Black Hole

Black Hole from Ultimate Comics Ultimates Vol 1 9 001

A black hole is a region of spacetime exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing, not even particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light, can escape from inside it. The theory of general relativity predicts that a sufficiently compact mass can deform spacetime to form a black hole.


  • A Titan is an artificial intelligence society that advanced to the point where its unified intelligence has collapsed into a singularity. The Titans either exist on by themselves, in their own Black Hole, or form Strongholds and Dominions in conjunction with other Titans.[1]
  • The Mutant Xorn was said to have a black hole in his head and the only thing keeping it in place was a metal helmet. The prospect of taking off his helmet was considered incredibly dangerous, nevermind the fact that it would only be dangerous to anything very close to his head.[2]
  • Like his brother, Shen Xorn has a star for a brain. Shen's star manifested as a black hole. He lost them during M-Day, but by the time the Terrigen Mists hit Earth, Shen had seemingly regained his powers.[3]
  • While on vacation Greg Willis was sucked into a strange mini black hole. However, he was found hours later by his parents. After this Greg found that he was able to manipulate the gravity around his body, becoming the hero "Gravity".[4]
  • The Fantastic Four, along with Thor and Iron Man, time-traveled to a future where the Black Celestial had built a weapon to destroy all reality so he could recreate the universe in his own image. The weapon was Galactus, who had his hunger amplified by the Celestial and used machines to create a giant "black hole" which would suck up all matter in the universe, from all points of time. This alternate future was encased Time Bubble fifteen years long, until it was destroyed by the Ultimate Nullifier.[5]
  • In a distant future Xanth was on a mission to save his people and discovered the remains of the Voyager 2 space probe, launched from Earth centuries earlier. Interested in recovering the relic before it could be swallowed up in a black hole, but his ship was swallowed as well. He was mutated in the Black Hole becoming Ebon Seeker and arriving in the past of Earth-616 where he battled the Fantastic Four.[6]
  • Oblivion gained power and a representational black hole began growing to overtake all of existence.[8]
  • Following the destruction of Antlion Space Station, a black hole was formed which slowly grew.[15] Doctor Doom attempted to extinguish the black hole, first by having Blue Marvel going into it, but failed and instead found himself in an alternate universe.[16] Doom later tried to use a laser to fix the problem, but he miscalculated it and made things worse,[17] forcing him to destroy the universe in order to close the hole at last.[18]
  • After the Empress Brood killed Binary, Captain Marvel was so enraged and as she mustered up enough power she was able to manifest a black hole.[19]
  • When Cosmic Ghost Rider chased some thieves into a black hole, he was split into two nearly identical Riders, each embodying an aspect of him and as they stayed separated would inevitably die.[20]

Alternate Realities

  • In the Ultimate Universe, Zorn exploded into an un-proportionately large black hole that began to suck up everything within a few dozen miles.[21]
  • In Earth-14026, when Earth was ravaged and close to be destroyed by the Annihilation Wave, Uatu broke his vow of noninterference in assisting Earth's heroes by informing them about the Terminus device that could be used to open a black hole to suck the Wave away, ending the galactic conflict.[23]
  • In Earth-199999, there are Black Hole Grenades, a type of grenade made from Dark Elf technology that detonates mini black holes and absorbs anything within its radius.



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