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Edward Brock (Earth-616) from Sensational Spider-Man Vol 2 38 001

Cancer is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body, or "Genetic damage causing out-of-control replication in cells".[1] This disease can be caused by carcinogenic materials.[2]

Every known sentient race in the universe has had a version of this disease.[citation needed] The level of success of curing it has varied from planet to planet. It's also known as the "inner decay" to the Titanians and the "blackend" to the Kree.[2]



Ewing's sarcoma

Breast Cancer

Stomach Cancer

Unspecified cancers

  • Captain Mar-Vell was exposed to nerve gas stolen by Nitro. He was able to seal it,[6] but the gas was also carcinogenic and caused cancer cells to develop over time. After a long search for a cure for the Blackend, he was unsuccessful and succumbed to the disease.[2]


Some treatments exist to counter cancer, including chemotherapy.[7][8]

Rick Jones appealed to scientific heroes to find a cure for Mar-Vell's cancer, they found themselves uncomfortably realizing they could have made this kind of effort beforehand for others. The superheroes did manage to develop a tunic that slowed down Mar-Vell's cancer by 20%.[2]


Cancer Cure from Deadpool Vol 4 12
  • Norman Osborn revealed that he had the cure for cancer, but decided to use it against Deadpool.[9]
  • The technologically advanced nation of Wakanda has the cure for cancer. One of the members of the Wakandan counsel stated "If they care about their people's health they wouldn't sell cigarettes".[10]
Quiet Man (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 642
  • The Quiet Man allegedly found a cure to cancer, but destroyed it, having decided there were too many people in the world ("and why should they be happier than me?").[11]
  • In Earth-928, cancer was thought to be cured during the 2040s and the cure could be synthesized in two minutes. There hadn't been a recorded case of cancer in decades,[12] until Tyler Stone developed cancer in 2099.[13]
  • In Earth-6160, Howard Stark cured "twelve different kinds of cancer."[14]
  • In Earth-600123, the mutant Prodigy used Elixir's healing powers to cure every disease including AIDS and cancer. (Elixir had died during the medical procedure that harvested the tissue from his body needed for the cures).[15]

Pym Particles

A few scientists have used Pym Particles to destroy tumor and cancer cells:

Attempts and theories

  • Spider-Man stated to Sauron that if he was "smart enough to rewrite people's DNA and turn them into dinosaurs, he could use the same technology to cure cancer" (Sauron replied he didn't want to cure cancer, but only "turn people into dinosaurs").[17]
  • Dr. Jacob Erskine (grandson to Dr. Abraham Erskine) tried to use the Super-Soldier Serum to cure cancer.[18]
  • Senator Morton Clegstead started the funding for Project Greenskin, also known as the Hulkbusters. He thought to use the Hulk's Gamma Irradiated blood to cure his cancer, a sort of extremely aggressive radiation therapy. Unfortunately, the results were less than satisfactory as Morton became a monsterous mass of cancer cells.[19]

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