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Chi or Qi is the bio-electric energy that surrounds all life-forms. Some people have been able to train themselves to enhance their minds and bodies. It can also be used to heal themselves and others. Many martial artists have some level of skill in Chi manipulation.


Chi energy is utilized to great effect in the hidden nation of K'un-Lun. The residents are trained in various practices to manipulate this energy.[1]

Iron Fist

The Iron Fist is the greatest source of Chi energy on the planet. Shou-Lao was an immortal dragon who became the source of this power. During a performance of the dragon riders of K'un-Lun for the entertainment of its Yu-Ti, Shou-Lao went berserk and attacked the city's leader. He was slain by Quan-St'ar, who cut out the dragon's heart. Enraged at this, Yu-Ti banished Quan-St'ar from the city and revived the dragon by melting its heart and placing it in a sacred cavern.[2] From this moment, each Iron Fist had to accomplish the final test of defeating this dragon in order to absorb part of its power. He was reborn over 66 times.[2] Danny Rand defeated the dragon, and in the course of the battle had the dragon-shaped tattoo burned on his chest. After defeating Shou-Lao he plunged his hands into the brazier containing the dragon's immortal heart and it charged him with the power of the Iron Fist.[3][4]. The Steel Serpent was able to steal the energy of the Iron Fist from Danny, but due to his lack on concentration and skill with the power it consumed him and was returned to it's rightful owner.[5]

Immortal Weapons

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Chi energy is used by the Immortal Weapons the champions of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven. Each uses their chi in various ways;

  • Bride of Nine Spiders: of the Kingdom of Spiders; controls swarm of ravenous spiders from her chest or mouth; the spiders can subdue opponents with venom or ensnare them in webbing. Telepathic, the Bride can communicate with others via their dreams. [6]
  • Tiger's Beautiful Daughter: of the Tiger Island; Can perform extremely accurate strikes, great agility.[7]
  • Fat Cobra: of Peng Lai Island; can project his chi through his body for various purposes. He can heal injuries and regenerate although at a fairly slow rate. This allowed him to slow down the aging process. He can also channel a form of lightning that he can project as a blast or to entangle others. He gained his powers after defeating Xiang Yao[8]
  • Dog Brother #1: of the Under City; Shares a telepathic link with the dogs (and possibly orphans) that follow him daily, able to command them in this way. When he senses the Chi of his replacement he lays down his life and title to them, and they absorb his Chi.[9]
  • Prince of Orphans: from Z'Gambo; can turn himself into a mist form. In this form he can enter almost any location. He is highly skilled at attacking opponents in mist form, even within their body. He can strike opponents while in this form, but remains intangible and unable to be harmed.[10]
  • Crane: of K'un-Zi; is the child of the Crane Mother only gives birth to a new one once every 300 years. Because the Crane Champion was killed by Iron Fist (Orson Randall), she bestowed Davos the title of Steel Phoenix and gave him the powers of the Crane Champion.[10]
  • Using the combined effort of their Chi, they are able to open the gateway to the Eighth City.[11]

Power Man

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Victor Alvarez was caught in a explosion and was hit by fragments of his father's visor. This allowed him to absorb the bio-electric energy of the 107 people who were also caught in the explosion. This granted him superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability, generation of personal force fields and accelerated healing; Victor glows when empowered in the same way when Iron Fist powers up his chi fist punch. He can explode chi outward through punches, and can channel messages through bio-electric frequencies. Victor once absorbed chi from multiple sources simultaneously, briefly growing giant-sized with increased strength. He sometimes experiences memories of those who died in the tenement's explosion.[12]

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