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Cosmic Radiation

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Cosmic radiation was responsible for the creation of the Fantastic Four on Reed Richards' fateful space flight. Lack of sufficient shielding caused Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm to receive exposure to cosmic rays in space. This led to lifelong mutagenic changes in the four.[1]

Although Reed and the others believed that he had miscalculated the amount of necessary shielding, years later they learned that he had not.[2] The storm was an attempt by Entity to communicate,[3] and Revos directed it at Reed's spacecraft to prevent the flight from reaching Spyre. The cosmic rays around Earth are unusual (presumably because of Entity's involvement), causing Revos to import the radiation to create his planet's own superbeings.[2]

The manipulation of cosmic rays has frequently been a part of Reed Richards's attempts to restore Ben Grimm to his human state. Reed himself used a cosmic radiation storm to recharge his own powers at a point when he had lost his elasticity.[4] Another storm was responsible for further mutating Ben Grimm for a time, along with his partner Ms. Marvel.[5]

The cosmic radiation that transformed the Fantastic Four is usually deadly to humans. It would have killed Jean Grey, had not the Phoenix Force intervened.[6].

Other individuals have occasionally tried to recreate the cosmic ray event in order to gain powers for themselves, with varying success. The Red Ghost and his Super-Apes and the U-Foes both succeeded in becoming cosmically empowered after the Fantastic Four.[7][8]

Cosmic rays were employed by MODOK and the Leader to create a combined gamma-cosmic process, empowering "Thunderbolt" Ross and Betty Ross as the Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk.[9]

Cosmic Rays have been shown to cancel out Gamma energy or act as a kind of Anti-Gamma and was used by the U-Foes to weaken the hulk and keep him dead. [10]


  • A solar flare caused the Van Allen Belts to be charged with ultra-high levels of cosmic radiation during the Fantastic Four's fateful spaceflight.
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  • It has been hinted at during the Immortal Hulk series that just as Gamma energy is used as a tool for the One Below All to empower it's chosen, Cosmic energy as it was featured prominently in Immortal Hulk events involving the rebirth of the cosmos, the creation of a being like galactus for each new cosmos, and the retelling of the origin of the Fantastic four which established Marvel as a publisher, Cosmic energy is used as a tool by the One Above All.

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