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Cyborg is a contraction of the words "cybernetic organism". A cyborg is any organic being with robotic or cybernetic augmentation or implants to replace or enhance physical parts.

  • Winter Soldier has a cybernetic left arm to replace the one he lost at the end of World War II.
  • Pepper Potts initially used a R.T. node to power an electromagnet that kept shrapnel from her heart, but continued using it after said shrapnel was removed due to the superhuman abilities it grants.[1]
  • War Machine became a cyborg during the Civil War.[2] After the Secret Invasion, he had his brain uploaded into a cloned body.[3]
  • Misty Knight lost her arm in a bombing; Tony Stark then designed a new bionic one for her.[4]
  • Nuke's bones have been replaced with advanced cybernetic components, granting him superhuman strength. Nuke's skin has been replaced with an artificial type of plastic that looks identical to human skin but is much more durable.In addition, he has an artificial second heart that works in conjunction with his colored pills.[5]
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  • Doctor Octopus had cybernetic tentacles fused to his spine by accident.[6] He later developed artificial limbs for amputees. He controlled one of the amputees to commit crimes, as the limbs contained parts of the same tech Ock used to mentally control his limbs.[7]
  • Grim Reaper's right hand had been amputated and replaced with his trademark scythe.[8][9]
  • Klaw wears a prosthetic device composed of molybdenum steel which contains a miniature version of his vibranium sound converter machine. The artificial hand is attached to his sound/mass body by as yet unknown means. Klaw activates the circuitry of the device by pseudo-cybernetic commands.[10]
  • Slingshot's arms were replaced with cybernetic prosthesis after they were cut off by Gorgon.[11]
  • Omega Red was given Carbonadium tentacles housed within his arms.[12]
  • Body Shop
  • The X-Men have several examples:
    • Angel had his naturally-occuring wings amputated and replaced with razor-edged metallic wings that can shoot blades.[14]
    • Hellion later gained metal prosthetic's that he animates with his telekinesis after his hands are blasted off by a Sentinel.[15]
    • Karma received a prosthetic left leg after her real one had to be amputated due to a severe injury.[16]
    • Forge's right leg is cybernetic, a replacement he created for his original leg, which was lost during combat operations in Vietnam. It contains various devices which he has used in emergencies. He has also harvested it for parts.[17]

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