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Darkforce from Thunderbolts Vol 1 100 001

Darkforce is the name given to a negative energy that is the counterpart to the Lightforce, drawn from a dimension nicknamed the "Darkforce Dimension", and may have some form of sentience.[1] Some mutates, mutants and Inhumans can tap into this energy naturally,[2][3][4][5] while normal Humans may learn to call it up magically[6][7][8][9] or even technologically such as Smuggler.[10] Aliens could also gain access to the Darkforce, as seen with Black Light, Nightside, X'iv and others.[11][12][13][14] Like other negative energies, Darkforce is easy to learn but hard to control. Darkforce can have a bewildering variety of effects, and its users can control differing aspects of it, so some time passed before it became apparent that all these phenomena had a single source.[15]

The Darkforce dimension has no formal name, few known inhabitants, and no known points of reference. Its most obvious (and perhaps only) characteristic is darkness: not simply an empty place that has no light but a medium that absorbs light. This "dark matter" may only be what humans can perceive of an alien universe. Normal light sources are practically useless, and magical sources have limited range and power. The same absorption applies to heat and even life essence. Those who enter the Darkforce dimension without protection feel coldness and, in time, lethargy. Prolonged exposure to Darkforce in our dimension can have the same effects.[16] It could nullify its counterpart, the Lightforce,[17][18] and even trained people's chi.[19]

Those who can access Darkforce typically summon the dark matter of the Darkforce dimension. It appears in this dimension as darkness, but with varying consistencies.[20] A weak field of Darkforce looks like a dark mist or shadow and can become camouflage, intimidation, or a smokescreen.[21][22] A medium field behaves like a thick liquid and can impede or encase an opponent.[23][4] A strong field, for most purposes, acts like a solid that can form shapes or carry things.[24] It can be used to store objects and individuals,[25] and render people intangible.[26]

Others use Darkforce indirectly to teleport.[25] They open a portal around themselves into the Darkforce dimension and open another portal out that appears in a different location.[27][6] The process is instantaneous, so they do not physically move through the Darkforce dimension.[28]

Darkforce users could sense each other's presence, people's fear,[29] and a possible psychic link as shown between Cloak and Dagger.[30] They and the Darkforce dimension's inhabitants were in constant need to feed on lifeforce and light.[22][27][6][25][31] It can corrupt people, its own users and even Lightforce users. It could be used to manipulate others' minds and cast illusions.[32] Mister Negative could use the Darkforce to take control of people. Despite this, Cloak could use the Darkforce heal people, as shown when he healed a mortally wounded woman.[33]

A disturbance in the Darkforce dimension at one point changed its properties relative to our dimension. Generally, this change has increased the powers of Darkforce users.[34] The Darkforce also resonated with Knull's Living Abyss.[30]

Alternate Realities


The evil god of darkness Chernobog was the source of the Darkforce in this reality.[35]


The Darkforce, also known as Zero Matter, was a form of energy from the Dark Dimension which began appearing on Earth as a result of the chaos caused from World War II.[36] Isodyne Energy rediscovered the Darkforce in the aftermath of a atomic bomb explosion. The company experimented with it, until an explosion occurred,[37] infusing Jason Wilkes to become invisible and intangible.[38] Whitney Frost, with the assistance of Joseph Manfredi and Vernon Masters, attempted to harness the Darkforce from its dimension on several occasions, but was stopped by Peggy Carter and Howard Stark.[39]

Dr. Abner Croit began experimenting with the Darkforce in an attempt to harness its power. In this attempt, he experimented upon Marcus Daniels, granting him control over the Darkforce.[40] Russian Inhuman General Androvich had displayed the ability to manipulate the Darkforce.[41]

Roxxon discovered a mixture of Darkforce and Lightforce beneath New Orleans and build an oil rig and a vast pipe network to harness it. However, one day the oil rig exploded, emitting a shock wave that gave Ty Johnson, Brigid O'Reilly and Andre Deschaine their powers.[42][43]


Mandarin's Nightbringer ring could manipulate the Darkforce.[44]

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