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A dimension is a portion of reality containing space, time, matter, and energy,[1] and is separated from other dimensions by some physical difference in these elements.[2] A dimension may be a universe, which contains a virtually infinite amount of space, or a pocket dimension, which is clearly finite and often relatively small.[3] The term "realm" is used often to refer to dimensions,[4] mostly of the second variety.[1]

Dimensions can also be classified by their composition. "Earth-like dimensions" possess a similar makeup, physical properties, and laws of physics as the planet Earth; "Alien dimensions" have differing physical properties and laws than the Earth; and finally, "magic dimensions" which also have differing properties than the Earth, but are primarily governed by magic.[4]

The collection of dimensions that make up a reality can be visualized as a spectrum based on their spatial magnitudes, and Earth's dimension can be arbitrarily placed in its center. Earth's universe possesses three spatial magnitudes. Close to Earth's universe can be encountered other dimensions which may still have three spatial magnitudes, but their natural laws may be different, like Polemachus. Outward of these can be found pocket dimensions like Asgard. Further outward there are universes whose number of spatial magnitudes is irrational and any human visual representation of these universes is necessarily distorted or incomplete. Among these are the Sixth Dimension and the Dimension of Dreams.

There are universes whose number of spatial magnitudes range between 2.̅7̅2̅6̅8̅4̅0̅9 and 6.̅2̅9̅8̅5̅9̅2̅3. Lower universes with fewer than the former digit or higher than the latter are vastly different than Earth's universe. The Dark Dimension is an example of this, since it possesses a greater number of spatial magnitudes than Earth's universe. In the Dark Dimension, gravity is weaker and electrical forces are inexistent due to the behavior of electrons.[3] The Faltine in turn has an even greater number of magnitudes than the Dark Dimension, and it's only comprised of energy.[5]

Known Dimensions

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