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Diplomatic immunity

Ambassadors, official representatives, head of states[1] of a country are sometimes granted with immunity when they're in other countries.

In some occasions, armed forces related diplomacy and leaders' protection, such as Royal Atlantean Guard members Janus and Amir were covered by the diplomatic Immunity.[2]

Victor von Doom (Earth-7642) from Marvel Treasury Edition Vol 1 28 002.jpg

Doctor Doom, as ruler of Latveria, often benefits of such immunity (on Earth-616 and in other realities),[3] and sometimes of the protection of heroes and security agencies, in order to enforce that status.[4][5]

The diplomatic immunities have also been used for extra-terrestrial representatives such as Ord.[6]

That also apply to the embassies, considered sovereign soil. Examples includes Wakanda[7] and Latveria[8] embassies.

Diplomatic immunity doesn't apply in every country, and can be granted to non-representative individuals, such as Ian Quinn a wealthy mining philanthropist and the owner of Quinn Worldwide which had diplomatic immunity in Malta.[9]

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