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Dissociative Identity Disorder

David Haller (Earth-616) showing other sub personalities from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 249 001

Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a dissociative disorder typically originating from repeated childhood trauma, characterized by at least two distinct personality states, called alters or personalities in medical settings. It also involves dissociative amnesia, usually between the alters but not necessarily; derealization; and depersonalization; all of which are required for a medical diagnosis. This page includes both individuals with dissociative identity disorder and individuals who are otherwise plural but do not have the severe dissociative symptoms that set DID apart from other forms of plurality.

DID was previously called multiple personality disorder (MPD). Diagnoses for disordered plurality that does not fit DID criteria are partial dissociative identity disorder (P-DID) in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), where the system rarely or never fully switches (changes control of the body), instead exerting passive influence, and other specified dissociative identity disorder (OSDD) and unspecified dissociative identity disorder (UDD) in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), which have no specific criteria beyond a dissociative disorder that does not fit listed ones. OSDD requires the diagnosing clinician to specify why the individual does not fit another diagnosis, and not specifying why results in a UDD dagnosis.

OSDD and UDD were created to replace the diagnosis of dissociative disorder not otherwise specified (DDNOS), which listed two types of "partial DID," DID without distinct alters (DDNOS-1A) and DID without switch amnesia (memory loss between changes in control of the body) (DDNOS-1B). DDNOS-1B has been partially merged with DID, which now requires any dissociative amnesia, not solely switch amnesia.


  • Bruce Banner: is a different person when transformed into the "Hulk". But apart from the "Savage Hulk," there also developed a sneaky, amoral grey version called "Joe Fixit." Eventually, the personalities were integrated into the "Merged Hulk", but this was just another personality, the "Professor Hulk" (who had Banner's brainpower, Fixit's cunning, and most of Savage Hulk's strength). "Devil Hulk," a reptilian creature that lacks any sense of guilt, and the "Green Scar," who combines Fixit's cunning with the Savage's strength, and over time develops to become possibly the strongest Hulk incarnation of all. It is theorized that the Hulk is and always has been an embodiment of pent-up rage and aggression that Banner had felt all his life prior to the accident, mostly stemming from the abuse he and his mother suffered at the hands of his father (whom Bruce killed by accident, though later admitting it might have not been an accident). In short, Banner and the Hulk may be more alike than Banner is willing to admit.[1]
  • David Haller also known as the "Legion" is the son of Professor Charles Xavier. He originally possessed three personalities with a distinct psychic power one was telekinetic, one was telepathic, one was pyrokinetic. This was later expanded to an unnamed number of personalities, possibly thousands! All with a unique power.[2]
  • Moon Knight: has disassociative personality disorder, with Marc Spector, Jake Lockley, Steven Grant, all being distinct personae. He is now possessed by Khonshu, and his mind makes sense of this by constructing alternate personalities around Khonshu's various forms.[3]
  • Norman Osborn: after being exposed to the Goblin Formula, he developed an entirely separate personality -- the "Green Goblin." Afterwards was cured of the Goblin Formula, meaning the "Green Goblin" was dead.[4] The "Green Goblin" returned, however, when Osborn reapplied the Goblin Formula to himself.[5]
  • Curt Connors: after consuming the Lizard Formula became the Lizard. He became cold and savage with a wish to destroy humanity.[6] However, later appearances would show Connor's personality emerging while in Lizard form.
  • Mary Walker: had three distinct personalities. The "Mary" personality is a timid, quiet, pacifist; her "Typhoid Mary" persona is adventurous, lustful, and violent; her "Bloody Mary" personality is sadistic, brutal, and hates all men. Typhoid was so different than Mary, that even Daredevil was, at first, unable to tell they were the same person, even with his enhanced senses.[7]
  • Hank Pym's: mind was effected by the Pym Particles and underwent a period of insanity where he not only believed himself to be a different person known as the "Yellowjacket" but claimed to have actually killed Pym.[8]
  • Robert Reynolds: better known as the "Sentry"; "The Golden Guardian of Good" is the epitome of a archetypal hero, but he suffered psychological problems. His other personality is the "Void" a abomination in semi-human form, strongest at night or in the Negative Zone.[9]

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