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Eighth Cosmos

"Eighth Cosmos" is the denomination given to the eighth iteration of existence and seventh Multiverse. It is a continuation of the Seventh Cosmos,[1] which was destroyed by the Beyonders and the incursions.[2][3] After being salvaged by Doctor Doom as Battleworld,[3] the Multiverse was recreated by Reed Richards, Franklin Richards, and the Molecule Man (with the power of the Beyonders).[4] It is embodied by Eternity/Infinity.[5]


The entities responsible for the Seventh Cosmos' destruction have many names, such as the Ivory Kings, but they are most commonly known as the Beyonders.[6][3][7] Living outside the Multiverse, these Beyonders conducted a grand experiment to witness to simultaneous death of everything inside: a living multiversal bomb known as the Molecule Man. The Earth-616 Molecule Man and Doctor Doom ("Rabum Alal") began interfering with this plan; however, the Beyonders had set up the Molecule Men so that their deaths would cause the Multiverse to contract, resulting in incursions wherein realities would collide. In other words, even though the Beyonders' goal of a simultaneous end was derailed, the Multiverse was still being destroyed.[8][9]

Quote1 We weren't going to prevent the early death of the Multiverse. The Beyonders had built me too we got tricky. [...] We couldn't stop the Beyonders from destroying everything, but we could draw them out...destroy them...steal their power...and store it someplace safe. Where it could be used to preserve some of what had been lost. Quote2
Molecule Man on Doctor Doom's second plan[src]
Reed Richards (Earth-616), Franklin Richards (Earth-616), and Owen Reece (Earth-616) from Ultimates Vol 3 5 001

Realizing that killing the Molecule Men was not going to save the Multiverse, Doom began collecting them instead.[3] In a final last-ditch effort to save something, Doctor Doom unleashed all of the remaining Molecule Men on to the Beyonders after drawing the Beyonders out of their home. The Earth-616 Molecule Man absorbed the Beyonders' power and gave it to Doom, who used it to form the patchwork planet Battleworld out of the Multiverse's remnants.[10][3] When the Molecule Man transferred the power of the Beyonders to Reed Richards, Reed brought back the "Prime Earth" as well as his family. Franklin Richards, a universal shaper, assisted Reed and the Molecule Man in restoring the Multiverse.[4]


Beyonders from Defenders Beyond Vol 1 2 001

The Beyonders are completely reworked after Secret Wars

  • The Beyonders received many significant retcons after Secret Wars (2015), including their motivation for destroying the Multiverse. Previously, it was thought they did it because they were bored and curious.[3] This was later changed to a "controlled demolition" from Seventh to Eighth, as the Beyonders had thought it would spare the Multiverse from Enigma, but because the Eighth Cosmos is a continuation, the multiversal reboot did not work.[7][24]

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