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The Elderspawn are the offspring of the Elder Gods,[1] and by extension the spawns of their spawns.

The Elderspawn includes:

Chthon's creations such as Dragonus, Dwarf, Hellhound, the Midwife, Monstrosity, Nezaral, Troids, Whisperer, Wish-Demon were stated to be either his spawn or magical creations.[1] Another statement list the Hellhound as one of the Wolf Lords of the Wolf Men,[3] and as such an Elderspawn.

Gaea's son, Atum, and Set's children, Ishiti, Phorcys, Sligguth, Tartessus, Yamato-no-Orichi and the Dragon of the Moon, were seemingly not included among the Elderspawn,[1] though Damballah, also mentioned in that list, was confirmed to be an Elderspawn.[2] Agamotto is also not listed among the Elderspawn, despite being the child of Oshtur.

The Elderspawn are considered elder races.[3][5]


The Elderspawn are the offspring of the Elder Gods, the spawns of the Demiurge.

When Set killed and absorbed Hyppus' life energy, all of the Elder Gods, save for Oshtur (who was exploring the universe at that time) and Gaea (who cared for the new liforms in Earth's oceans), began preying on each other. Gaea summoned the Demiurge, mated with him, birthing the first of he new gods, Atum. Atum slew the demonic Elder Gods, turning into the Demogorge and causing Set and Chthon to flee..

Afterwards, some of Elderspawn remained, returned, or were birthed.[1]


The Elder Race, a seemingly humanoid race that predated humanity, and was composed of numerous wizards,[6] has been speculated to be descended from Elderspawn.[1]


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