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Energy Manipulation

Energy Manipulation is the ability to generate, control, and manipulate various forms of energy.

  • Energy Detection: The ability to detect energy signatures from great distances. This includes other mutants with energy powers and ships that use energy as a power supply.
  • Energy Disruption: The ability to manipulate energy even if it does not originate from the user.
  • Energy Self-Sustenance: Some energy manipulators appear capable of breathing in space. Though this ability seems to be limited, as if they don't rest or find power other then their own, power reserves will leave them seemingly depleted until they does.
  • Flight: The ability to fly and levitate using energy. Some are capable of interstellar flight (adding more energy to become increasingly fast, presumably sub-light or light speed).
  • Power Suppression: The ability to override another's mutagenic aura, making them temporarily unable to use them. This is usually limited to only other energy-manipulators.
  • Solid Energy Constructs/Simulated Telekinesis: The ability solidify energy into forcefields and other shapes. The effect of these energy constructs can be used to simulate a form of telekinesis by lifting and moving objects.
  • Variable Energy Blasts: The ability to generate light, heat, force, and electricity or really any form of energy in the form of powerful blasts. These blasts are usually generated from the hands and eyes.

Known Energy Manipulators

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