First Men

The "First Men" are the first generation or generations of early humanity.

They exist as two kinds:

  • They often stem from mythological tales, and share many similarities from a culture to another.
  • They can also be the evolutionary break from ape-men to human species.


2,5 MY BC

In Africa,[1][2] the "first men" (seemingly twins) were delivered by the last Australopithecus sedibas, 2,5 million yeard ago. Those ape-men were fighting over the fate of the two babies, just before they were all exterminated by the Evolutionaries.[3]

500,000 BC Lemuria tales

According to the tales of 500,000 BC Lemuria, in the times of elder Hyperborea, giant reptiles known as the Dragon Kings ruled Earth,[4] a time known as the Age of Dragons.[5] Among those giant reptiles rose kings and necromancers, the Dragon Kings, who had a wicked and cruel way of life. They built monolithic cities of black stone, and studied the dark arts. Witnessing the Dragon Kings' evil, the Nineteen Gods created the first men: Phondath the Firstborn and his mate Evalla.[4] Phondath became a hero, known to ride his mythical winged dragon.[6] Men built their first cities, and with the help of Father Gorm, eventually defeated the Dragon Kings at the end of the Thousand Years War.[4]

Hyborian Age tales

According to a story "as old as time" told in Aquilonia in the Hyborian Age of Conan, the first men were the children of the Earth-Warriors, themselves sons of the Gods. The Earth-Warriors were sent from the Heavens to take the world as their own, and battle K'Thagha, Lord of the Undead. That event involved the death of the Titans and the birth of the kingdom of Men.[7]

Another tale from the Age of of Conan stated that Gayomar was the first of all men.[8]

Biblical Times

The Creator created Adam, the First Man of Biblical Legend, from dust from the earth the sixth day of the creation. God had created Man with power over fish, birds, cattle and everything that crept upon Earth. He then saw that he needed a helpmate so He created Eve, the first woman, and placed them in the Garden of Eden, from which they were eventually expelled.[9]



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