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Healing is an ability to mend the damaged biological tissues and/or cure diseases. It is normally achieved by affecting natural biological processes of target's body, transferring life force into their body or via blood transfusion from someone with Healing Factor. In some cases healing is achieved by powerful users of other, seemingly unrelated, powers, for example, Telekinesis (X-Man), Matter Manipulation (Mister M) or Magic (Wiccan).

Application of this ability can range from healing paper cuts to regrowing entire limbs and internal organs, and curing normally incurable diseases. Some of the most powerful healers, for example, Elixir, developed their powers to the point where they can even resurrect the dead. And vice versa, someone with ability to resurrect the dead can also heal all their wounds during the process, for example, Layla Miller.

Mental Healing

Healing rarely affects mental illnesses, but some of the powerful Telepaths, for example, Jean Grey, can use their power to achieve it.

Notable Users and Items

See Category:Healers for full list of characters and items with this power.

Notable Users

Notable Items

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