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A mystical energy which acts in a similar fashion to ordinary fire, with one major difference. It can burn physical objects through heat, or it can traumatize the souls of living beings, depending on the wielder's intention. It is used by such characters as Ghost Rider, Vengeance, Zarathos, and any of a large number of other supernatural or occult characters in this particular area of the Marvel Universe. Also known as soulfire.[citation needed]

Hellfire has been described as both cold and hot, depending on its use. The various Ghost Riders seem to be able to control and create normal fire and a type of mystical fire, yet they call both types hellfire at various times, and at other times they make a clear distinction between the two types of fire.[1]


  • Burns the soul, causing the victim to experience all of his/her sins and to feel the torments of hell.
  • Burns underwater.[2]
  • Possibly feeds off oxygen (this might be normal fire).[3]
  • The Ghost Rider could utilize this fire in various ways, including projecting it from his eyes, hands, mouth, or even channeling it from his body into other weapons like his Hellfire Shotgun and Hellfire Chain. The Hellfire can be used to create vehicles that can move at incredible speeds and defy the laws of physics such as the Hell Cycle and Hell Charger.

Major events involving hellfire

  • The Water Wizard was the first to describe it as burning his soul - making him the first victim of the soul-searing version of Ghost Rider's hellfire.[4]
  • During his brief stint as a member of the Fantastic Four, the Dan Ketch Ghost Rider discovered he could physically separate hellfire from himself, although he couldn't control it or understand how it worked.[5]

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