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Hulk's Pants

The Incredible Hulk seemed to always wind up wearing "purple pants" regardless of what Banner had been wearing before the transformation. No matter how big he got, his pants always fit him, although they would inevitable become a bit tattered.

  • Deadpool believed that there was some sort of power in the Hulk's pants, calling out "Hulk Pants, Activate" while being held aloft by the Rhino.[1]
  • Banner found a line of purple pants similar to those worn by the Hulk. The clerk at the store mentioned that the pants were very popular with the obese due to their stretchy fabric.[citation needed]
  • "Joe Fixit" the "gray Hulk" came to Madripoor and Wolverine recognized him and broke into his hotel room, stole his expensive custom-made Hulk-sized suits, and replaces them with many, many pairs of large, ripped up, purple pants. Fixit went to a tailor he knew who did excellent rush work, and showed up at Wolverine's place fully decked-out in a white linen three-piece suit.[2]
  • Mr. Fantastic later created a pair of super-stretchy pants for the Hulk from Unstable Molecules.[citation needed]
  • Stan Lee once commented that he liked to work "science" into all of his stories, and that Hulk's pants were the only time that he didn't have a clue how the exact science behind it worked.[citation needed]

Alternate Realities

  • In The Incredible Hulk (2008 film) , Bruce Banner is shown buying extremely stretchy pants several sizes too big. Presumably he has quite a collection of belts.[3]
  • Marvel's The Avengers, Banner is shown naked after transforming back into his human form note A kindly old night watchman ends up providing him with a new set of threads.[4]
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron, Banner is explicitly shown to wear specially designed pants that can stretch to fit his Hulk physique.[5]
  • In the The Incredible Hulk (TV series) the Hulk wound up wearing the same kind of pants that Banner had on when he "Hulked Out". The transformation would shred shirts, destroy heavy leather work boots, and even, in one case, crack open a motorcycle helmet, however his pants always remained intact.[6]
  • In the Incredible Hulk (1982 animated series) had not only magic pants, but an entire magic outfit that was virtually the only thing Banner ever wore. The same stock footage transformation sequences was used every situation. No matter how many times that khaki shirt and red tie were torn off, the Hulk would always revert to a fully-dressed Bruce Banner afterward.[7]
  • In the Ultimate Universe: it was stated that Hulk, who was out of control, "murdered a fat guy and stole his pants". Much of the time, he's just naked with censor or shadows hiding his nakedness.[8]
  • In the Hulk Vs. (film), the Hulk is separated from Banner at one point, and both of them wind up with the Hulk's purple pants.[9]

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