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Torus Storm (Earth-982) from Fantastic Five Vol 2 3 001.jpg

Hybrids, sometimes called "Half-breeds",[1] are the result of the cross between two species, one or both not necessarily humanoids. That can also include offspring whose parents were of offshoots of the same race.[2]

Also considered as hybrids are the spawn from hybrids.
Hybrids are supposed, by their nature, to be sterile in theory but that doesn't coincide with the reality.

The hybrid in the picture is Torus Storm, the mutant hybrid of human mutate and super-Skrull parentage. This kind of cross-breeding, and especially a mutate legacy, commonly result in mutant offspring.

Many human subspecies, and even alien species, demons and gods, have shown their ability to cross-breed, via natural ways or by bioengineering.

See also the list of hybrids and their different types. To be noted that as Homo sapiens and Homo superior aren't as separated than others of humanity's offshoots, most of those categories include humans and mutants in the same group, and their cross-breeding products aren't considered as hybrids. Also humanity can gather every branch of humanity.

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