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Hypnotism is a form of mind control that overrides the willpower of sentient beings, making them highly suggestible to commands. Victims often fall into a zombie-like entranced state while carrying out the hypnotists' direct commands. However, post-hypnotic suggestions can be placed in the subconscious mind of a victim, affecting their behavior even after they awaken from the trance state.

Hypnosis can be accomplished through mechanical means, through the application of a super-power, or by rigorous self-training by non-powered individuals. It can be initiated by a psychic force of some kind, or through the manipulation of the senses using hypnotic lights or sounds to entrance the victim.

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Examples include:

  • Mesmero - a mutant with hypnotic abilities, typically initiated via eye contact and then through verbal commands.[1]
  • Ringmaster - employs a top hat with a swirling disk that combines hypnotic light and artificially enhanced mental energy to command others.[2]
  • Lorelei - a Savage Land Mutate whose voice has a hypnotic quality for men, singing a song that leaves them stupefied and open to suggestion.[3]
  • Gambit - possesses a hypnotic charm that subliminally makes people more open to suggestion, inclined to believe what he says or do what he tells them.[4]
  • Doctor Faustus - a psychiatrist who has perfected the ability to control others by perfectly modulating the tone of his voice.[5]
  • Dracula, and other vampires - Many vampires develop the skill to hypnotize others through eye contact.[6]
  • Rhapsody - a mutant who channels hypnotic powers through sound, allowing her to place people into a trance-like state by playing music.[7]

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