Jumpstarts were one of the major means by which humans became super-powered Ultras in the Ultraverse. The Entity on the Moon was the "black box" of an alien spacecraft which crashed over 50,000 years ago. In an effort to return home to its world on the Godwheel, the Entity occasionally beamed energies to Earth, "Jumpstarting" the evolution of mankind to speed their development. It hoped that these Ultras would one day reach the Moon and help it return home.

Many Jumpstarts occurred throughout history. Speculation ran that Jesus, Leonardo da Vinci, and Albert Einstein may have been Ultras.

The first modern Jumpstart blanketed the San Fernando river valley, causing a number of super-powered Ultras to rise in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. The first public Ultras rose from this Jumpstart, with Hardcase and the Squad becoming local heroes. Others like Dirt Devil and Headknocker kept to the shadows.[1]

The second modern Jumpstart was the most directed and obvious in history. A bolt from the clear blue sky struck a San Francisco cable car. 59 passengers soon realized their Ultra potential and took sides as heroes and villains. The Strangers and Night Man were created by this Jumpstart at the start of the Ultraverse.[2]

The third and perhaps final modern Jumpstart occurred when the Entity boosted the power surge triggered by Amber Hunt unlocking her Theta Virus-based Ultra potential. Amber's power levels became unprecedented, and other future heroes like Iron Clad and Hellblade received their abilities in the backwash of this Jumpstart. [3].

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