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Kree Kleaners

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The Kree Kleaners are a variety of Kree soldiers deployed to deliver judgement in name of the Kree Empire. They are artificially conceived inside a pod once it's activated by a beacon signal. Afterwards, the baby's inception and gestation is accelerated and they grow into an adult into a matter of hours. During this process, they are instructed by the Kleaner combat tutorials on their way to their objective.[1] A Kree Kleaner is also accompanied by a group of self-regenerating combat drones,[2] which help the Kleaner locate and eliminate their target.[3]

When Captain Marvel unwittingly turned on a Kree tracer used by her mother Mari-Ell, a Kree desertor, the tracker sent out a beacon that activated one of countless Kleaner pods floating in space. A Kleaner was deployed to deliver Mari-Ell's death sentence for treason.[1] The pod landed in Canada, and the Kleaner made its way to Harpswell, Maine.[4] Mari-Ell managed to fend off the Kleaner, but she returned and took her son Joe Jr. hostage.[2] Carol and Mari-Ell confronted the Kleaner in the center of Harpswell, and Mari-Ell was fatally injured blocking a spear meant for Carol. Deeming her mission complete, the Kleaner used Mari-Ell's tracking device to discorporate herself.[5]

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