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Quote1.png So let's talk about magic. We can dicker on the exact rules, if you like. There are all sorts of Grimoires and Cryptonomicons. I've got an AD&D manual somewhere. At the core, though.... Magic is taking a thought and making it real. Taking a lie and making it the truth. Telling a story to the universe so utterly, cosmically perfect that for a single, shining moment... the world believes a man can fly. Quote2.png

Magic is the practice of utilizing certain universal energies and extra-dimensional forces whose nature is beyond the scope of the technologically-oriented science of all known sentient races. Using spells and phrases it is often used to simulate other powers, such as reality warping, mind control, and elemental attacks. As of Ultimates 2 #100 it has been explained that magic exists as a result of the Fifth Cosmos, the fifth version of Eternity that presided over the fifth version of the multiverse. It was The Fifth that wove magic into the fabric of reality which would then be carried over into future versions of the Multiverse.[citation needed] According to Agatha Harkness, magic can exist on any planet where there is life.[1]

Sources of Magical Power

Personal Energies - The mental and spiritual powers that mystics and sorcerers develop for themselves (psionic energy, chi manipulation, astral projection, thought-casting, etc.)

Ambient Magical Energy of the Universe - Magicians can tap this power for many effects, such as teleportation and energy bolts. By definition, this is derived from Eternity. These generally involves actual casting of spells and may be limited to the main dimension learned and may not work in others.

Extradimensional Energy - powers gained through the tapping of extra-dimensional energy and by invoking entities or objects of power existing in mystical dimensions, with different physical and magical laws, tangential to our own. Unlike the first two, the entities invoked generally have a say in how or if the power is used.

Items - Magic may also come in the form of items imbued with power, such as the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. These are often created by powerful sorcerers and extradimensional entities and vary in function and power.

Types of Magic

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Notable Magic Items

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Notable Magic Users

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