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Marvel Alterniverse began as an imprint of Marvel Comics designed to encompass all imaginary, alternate-world, What If...?, and similar stories published by Marvel Comics. Though the imprint is now defunct, it supposedly continues as a "lab" of Marvel Comics experimenting in new ideas.

Following an inter-office shake-up in 1994, Tom DeFalco was removed as Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics. Rather than name a successor, Marvel instead appointed five "Editors-in-chief," each of whom woud oversee a certain number of titles and, by extension, a certain portion of the Marvel Universe. This change was reflected externally by collecting all Marvel monthlies into broad groups: the X-Men titles, the Spider-Man titles, and three new imprints. Bob Harras continued to oversee the X-Men titles, Mark Gruenwald helmed the new Marvel Heroes Imprint imprint, Bob Budiansky helmed the Spider-Man titles, Bobbie Chase took over the new Marvel Edge imprint, and Carl Potts oversaw the Licensed Books and Marvel Alterniverse imprint.

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