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Earth-7412 from Fantastic Four Vol 1 153

A merged reality is a unique and new reality that is created by the merging of two pre-existing realities. A merger of two realities can be caused by many different sources, typically on a cosmic scale. The cause of the merger could be due to the work of cosmic beings, temporal anomalies, as well as the result of technological or mystical means, be they intentional or accidental. Depending on the conditions a merger can cause the separate realities involve to case to exist, while other similar realities do endure, as a divergence is created between the merged and unmerged versions of those realities. Similarly a merged reality can be separate again, yet continue to endure independently of the realities that were merged to bring it into existence. A merged reality can create a situation where two individuals are merged into an amalgam, or the collective populations of both realities exist on the same world without any physical beings being merged together. A merger can also affect the timeline of this new reality, sometimes creating a new history that is an amalgamation of the two merged realities. Sometimes a merger begins a new historical track having no past prior to the merger.


  • The realities of Earth-715 (Femazonia) and Earth-74101 (Machaus) were being merged together by some unknown force. Ultimately thanks to the intervention of the Fantastic Four of Earth-616 a complete merger was finalized the citizens of both realities co-existed in a new reality of Earth-74101. In this case, the merger resulted in both populations co-existing, each retaining a memory of the past of their unique realities and moved forward with a unique history.[1] It has been stated that neither Earth-715 and Earth-74101 no longer exist.[2] while an alternate, unmerged, Femazonia exists on Earth-8009.[3]
  • When the Earth-616 universe was merged with distant cosmos by the Brothers it created reality Earth-9602. This world was an amalgamated version of the two realities where every being therein were composites of two pre-existing individuals of each respective reality. This trend was most noticeable among the super-human community.[4] This reality briefly ceased to exist when the two originating realities were pulled apart once again.[5] Although this merged reality was briefly restored for another short period of time.[6] Based on what can be ascertained, when the two base realities are separated Earth-9602 ceases to exist.
  • The realities of Earth-616 and Earth-93060 were also similarly merged by the Asgardian trickster god Loki creating amalgams of the heroes of both realities as well.[7] Ultimately the amalgamated heroes managed to restore the proper order.[8] If this created a new reality or merely a pocket dimension remains to be clarified.
  • During the period in which Counter-Earth existed in a pocket dimension created by Franklin Richards,[9] a series of time travel incidents weakened the fabric of reality in this dimension.[10][11][12][13] Doctor Doom exploited this weakness, causing Counter-Earth to merge with another reality from a distant cosmos to merge into an amalgamated reality.[14] The beings of both realities co-existed as though they had a shared history together. Ultimately the heroes of both realities foiled Doom's scheme causing the separation of both realities restoring the status quo.[15] This merged reality has been designated as Earth-13[1]. Since then another reality has been identified as Earth-13,[16] although any connection between the two remain to be explained.

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