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Nexus Beings

Nexus Beings from Scarlet Witch Vol 1 2 001

Nexus Beings are rare individual entities with the ability to affect probability and the future, altering the flow of the Universal Time Stream. These beings, each referred to as a nexus, act as the keystones of the Multiverse and are crucial to its ultimate coherence and stability.[1] Nexus Beings are vigilantly watched over by cosmic forces such as the Time Variance Authority and the Time-Keepers to be aware of any temporal changes that the nexi may cause to the Time Stream and act accordingly.[2]

Each universe has one Nexus Being. The nexus personifies the "character" of their universe, anchors its reality, and acts as its node of mystic energy.[3] It has been claimed that no two Nexus Beings can exist on the same plane of reality, though this has been inconsistent in practice.[4] Nexus Beings have a vague empathic connection. When one suffers deep pain, the emotion ripples to other Nexus Beings across the multiverse.[3]

Nexus Beings also have the potential to produce unbelievably powerful offspring. For example, it was said that any born of the Scarlet Witch, Nexus Being of Reality 616, would be powerful enough to stand among the Great Forces of their Universe and rock the cosmos itself.[5]

Although they can be similar, no two Nexus Beings are identical. Some Nexus Beings are even variants of each other.[3] Each Nexus Being may have a power unique to themselves (e.g. Geomancy, Sorcery, Psychometry, Necromancy, Hex Power, etc.),[4] but they all affect probability, whether they know it or not.[6] A hypothetical "Ultimate Nexus" can exist, who would have influence over all possible realities in all possible worlds and would be the recipient of all the nexus-powers in the multiverse.[1] Immortus had plotted to make the Scarlet Witch into an Ultimate Nexus, but she ultimately rejected the power.[1][7]

There have been multiple attempts to control or eliminate Nexus Beings. The Watcher once manipulated the Avengers into capturing a Nexus Being named Leonard Tippit, whose powers threatened a nuclear holocaust.[8] Under orders from the "Time-Keepers" (actually the Twisters in disguise[9]), Immortus destroyed several universes whose Nexus Beings posed a threat to the integrity of the timeline or the existence of the "Time Keepers."[10][1] Another Nexus Being hunter was Lore, a variant of Wanda Maximoff who was also a Nexus Being. Lore traveled through over ten thousand universes, killing the Nexus Being of each reality and consuming the lifeforce of their worlds. However, when Lore tried to wield the dead Nexus Beings' energy against the Scarlet Witch, their souls attacked Lore instead, allowing Wanda to slay her.[3]

Known Nexus Beings:


  • Even the most insignificant of beings can be Nexus Beings.[12]
  • Clones of Nexus Beings are still Nexus Beings.[13]
  • The idea that no two Nexus Beings can physically exist in the same dimension was declared in Scarlet Witch #2; however, this was quickly disproven when Wanda Maximoff forced Lore to appear physically in Scarlet Witch #4. As another example, Nexus Beings Wanda and Kang/Immortus have coexisted numerous times. Kang has also invaded countless other realities, which would not have been possible under this rule.


  • Nexus Beings are of a great interest to the Time-Twisters, the Time-Keepers, and Immortus. To explain, He Who Remains created the Time-Twisters at the end of time so that they could teach the next cycle, but the Twisters were evil; Thor went to the future to convince He Who Remains to abort them and create the Time-Keepers instead. This diverged the timeline instead of erasing the old one; thus, there are two realities—761243 and 794282—who compete to be the predominant one when the current time cycle ends. Nexus Beings, by simply existing, can alter which becomes dominant.[9]

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