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Ninth Cosmos

Ninth Cosmos from Immortal Hulk Vol 1 25 001

The Ninth Cosmos is the denomination given to the Multiverse following the end of the Eighth Cosmos. It is a future Multiverse that does not exist yet. In one possible rendition of it, an alternate Hulk possessed by the One Below All passed on from the Eighth to the Ninth Cosmos upon killing the Sentience of the Universe. As the Breaker-Apart, this Hulk destroyed all life in this cosmos with one refugee, a modified Tiding-fly retreating into the former cosmos. However, this was not supposed to happen.[1]

Franklin Richards, like Galan of Taa and Moridun before him, is the actual person destined to pass on from the Eighth Cosmos to the Ninth as its Galactus-like being.[2][3][4] Mister Immortal supposedly has the same destiny, although the One Below All clarifies that he is the contingency plan in case Franklin irrevocably dies.[4]

Edward Brock (Eventuality) (Earth-616) from Free Comic Book Day 2024 Ultimate Universe Spider-Man Vol 1 1 001

The Anti-All's rampage.

In another possible rendition of it related by the Eventuality shows what could come to pass if Eddie Brock were to reunite with the Venom symbiote. Emulating Knull and taking up the mantle of the Anti-All, Eddie rampages across the universe leading a horde of insectoid symbiotes similar to Symbiote Dragons in order to find and test a worthy successor to the role of the King in Black, declaring his intent to destroy the multiverse should none arise.[5][6]



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