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A term used to describe people who live in the Western hemisphere of the Earth. It was most commonly used by Eastern cultures during World War II. The term was featured in many Timely, Atlas and early Marvel Comic publications. It's usage was stopped by the late 1960's as it is not considered politically correct.

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Odin Force from Thor Vol 2 83 0001.jpg

The Odin-Force, also known as the Power of the All-Father, All-Power, and - when wielded by Thor, the Thor-Force - is the power that enables Odin to be the most powerful of the Asgardian Gods. Pictured is the Odin-Force taking the form of a fallen Asgardian boy. This power is near-infinite and seems to allow Odin, and later Thor, to become almost invincible, and seems to allow them to rival the powers of the strongest beings in the universe. The limits of its power are unknown, but if overused, it forces the user to enter a deep sleep to recover - leaving them vulnerable in the process.

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Odinsleep from Journey into Mystery Vol 1 118 001.jpg

The Odinsleep, also known as the Forever Sleep[1] and the All-Sleep[2] - is a state of deep sleep where Odin (and after him, Thor) recharges the Odin-Force and is left as vulnerable as a mortal. The duration of the Odinsleep varies from time to time; sometimes it's a single night while other occasions are for more than a week.

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Old Power

The Old Power was created by the ancient Shadow Priests that eventually came to the planet Sakaar. It is an artificial form of the Power Cosmic, but is highly unstable.[1]

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Omnipotence is the attribute to describe beings who are all-powerful. The term is also used generically to describe numerous beings possessing vast power, which, although not unlimited, by far surpasses that of most sentient beings.

Among the known so-called omnipotents are Galactus, the Celestials, the Watchers, the Stranger, and the Living Tribunal.[1]

Others have been stated to be omnipotent as well, such Shuma-Gorath,[2] Oshtur,[3][4] Valka,[5] Buluku,[6] or Nexxx.[7]

For a list of allegedly omnipotent beings, see here.

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A steel alloy stronger than Titanium but weaker than Adamantium.

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An example of a one-shot. The comic is specifically labelled as such above the issue number

In the comic industry, a one-shot is a piece that is created as a stand-alone story. Many artists publish one-shots to test a possible new story, or to express information that would not fit with the story arc of a multiple-issue monthly series, particularly a long-running regular series.

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Is a blanket term referring to those who live in the Eastern hemisphere of the Earth, notably Asians residing in China, Japan and Vietnam. It was most commonly used during World War II. The term was regularly used in Timely, Atlas and early Marvel Comics publications. It's usage was stopped around the end of the Vietnam War as it is no longer considered politically correct.

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"Out-of-universe" is an adjective that refers to the perspective from which the elements of a fictional story are viewed. An out-of-universe perspective means that these elements are acknowledged as being part of a work of fiction. Compare and contrast this concept with in-universe.

The use of an out-of-universe perspective within the articles of the Marvel Database is limited to the Notes and Trivia sections. For instance, the History section of Spider-Man's article will not treat him as a fictional character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, nor make direct references to the comics in which his adventures are published. Instead, the article will treat him as if he was a real vigilante living in New York City.

For more details on the narrative in which articles must be written, please see the Marvel Database's Manual of Style.

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Overlaid Reality

House of M Vol 1 1 Joe Quesada Variant Textless.jpg

An overlaid reality is a reality that exists when a base reality is warped into a new one. This is typically caused by altering reality through technological, temporal, or mystical means. One reality overwrites the other creating a new existence causing the previous one to cease existing. An overlaid reality can be temporary or permanent. When the reality overlay is reversed sometimes the created reality ceases to exist or continues to exist independently of the reality it temporarily replaced.


  • When the chronal being known as Tempus tricked mailman Willie Lumpkin into travelling back in time and altering history, it caused his native reality of Earth-616 to be overlaid with reality Earth-74082 a reality of primitive savages. The Fantastic Four traveled back in time and prevented this from happening foiling the schemes of Tempus and restoring Earth-616 to normal.[1] It has not been determined if Earth-74082 continues to endure independently of this reversal.
  • Ancient mystic Kulan Gath once cast a spell that reverted Manhattan into a realm trapped in the Hyborean era. The sorcerer Stephen Strange casted a temporal spell to change past history to prevent these events from occurring.[2] It has been stated that this altered reality continues to exist as Earth-8591.[3]
  • When the mutant known as Legion travelled back in time to kill his father's lifelong enemy Mangeto he failed and accidentally killed Charles Xavier instead. This caused a new reality (later indexed as Earth-295) to overwrite the Earth-616 universe.[4] In this new reality, where Apocalypse dominated the Earth, the X-Men travelled back in time to prevent Legion's botched assassination attempt, restoring Earth-616 in the process.[5] While initially believed to have been destroyed, it was later revealed that Earth-295 continues to exist independently of Earth-616.[6]
  • When the insane Scarlet Witch used her reality warping powers she temporarily replaced Earth-616 with reality Earth-58163 where mutants ruled over humanity. However the heroes of Earth-616 regained their memories and forced her to restore reality to normal.[7] However it has since been revealed that this reality still endures.[8]
  • When the genocidal robot known as Ultron attempted to conquer Earth and wipe out humanity, Wolverine and the Invisible Woman ventured back in time to prevent Ultron from doing so. The reality where Ultron rules over the Earth endures as Earth-61112.[9]

(See Also: Multiverse, Omniverse, Parallel Earth, Merged Reality)

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