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Cosmic Beings from Infinity Gauntlet Vol 1 3 001

Omnipotence is the attribute to describe beings who are all-powerful. The term is also used generically to describe numerous beings possessing vast power, which, although not unlimited, by far surpasses that of most sentient beings.

Among the known so-called omnipotents are Galactus, the Celestials, the Watchers, the Stranger, and the Living Tribunal.[1]

Others have been stated to be omnipotent as well, such Shuma-Gorath,[2] Oshtur,[3][4] Valka,[5] Buluku,[6] or Nexxx.[7]

For a list of allegedly omnipotent beings, see here.


  • A being with "infinite" power (e.g. Kubik) can still be surpassed by other beings with "infinite" power (e.g. a Celestial) because some infinities are greater than others.[8]

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