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Council of Godheads (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 1 300 001

A Pantheon is a tribe, clan, or race of powerful beings who can be considered Gods of a common origin. Each group has a hierarchy ruled by a specific Sky-father.[1]

(See Also: List of Pantheons)
  1. Thor #300

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Parallel Earth

Synonym for alternate Earth.

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Parallel Universe

Synonym for alternate universe.

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When used as a verb, a term meaning to pass through another object through altering the synchronization of the atoms of the object passing through with the atoms of the object being passed through.

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With the clarity of a photograph or like a photograph.

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A super-heated state of matter consisting of charged subatomic particles.

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Pocket Dimension

A pocket dimension[1][2][3][4] (also known as a pocket realm,[5] and pocket universe[1][6]) constitutes of a dimension with a finite and often relatively small amount of space.[7]

A full list of pocket dimensions and universes can be found here.

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A being with shape-changing powers.

(See Also: Kamala Khan and Mister Fantastic)
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Power Cosmic

Norrin Radd (Earth-616) from Silver Surfer Vol 1 1 0001

The use of cosmic energy for a wide variety of powers and effects. The Power Cosmic is granted by Galactus to his heralds.

(See Also: Power Cosmic)
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Power Primordial

The Elders of the Universe refer to the power they possess as the Power Primordial. It seems to be the use of cosmic energy similar to the Power Cosmic.

(See Also: Power Primordial)
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Precognition or clairvoyance is the ability to perceive information about future places or events before they happen. It is done by mentally scanning the various alternate futures, rather than using deduction based on current knowledge. Clairvoyance can also be used in the present and past times.

A being who possesses precognition or clairvoyance is sometimes called a precog or pre-cog, or a clairvoyant.

(See Also: Extra-Sensory Perception)
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Project Earthfall

Project: Earthfall was organized by General Ross and held the cryogenically suspended Abomination after his return to Earth following his battle with the Hulk in Incredible Hulk #270.

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An artificial replacement for a missing limb or other body part. If the prosthetic part simulates all of the functions (or more) of the natural part, it is called bionic.

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(Short for psionic or psychic.) The term for any and all extrasensory and extraphysical powers stemming from the mind, specifically astral projection, clairvoyance, empathy, levitation, precognition, psychokinesis/telekinesis, telepathy, and teleportation.

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Astonishing X-Men Vol 4 7 Noto Variant Textless
Phoenix Force (Earth-616) from X-Men Phoenix Warsong Vol 1 5 0001

Psions[citation needed] or Psionic Energy[citation needed] is the type of energy used by telepaths,[citation needed] or to mechanical means to stimulate the natural psionic powers.[citation needed] All the living beings produce Psions[citation needed] and only a few can detect this energy.[citation needed] The mutant Charles Xavier created Cerebro to enhance his already powerful telepathic abilities.[citation needed] The machine allowed him to monitor the entire planet and detect the specific mutant psionic signatures.[citation needed] Being such as the Phoenix Force and Shadow King are Psionic Entities,[citation needed] being made out of Psions.[citation needed] Psionic beings or telepaths Astral Projecting in their Astral Form can enter the Astral Plane,[citation needed] a dimension made of Psions.[citation needed]

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Astonishing X-Men Vol 4 7 Noto Variant Textless

An adjective referring to Psions, to the powers or energies based on psions (e.g., psionic powers, psionic energy), or to mechanical means to stimulate the natural psi powers. Abbreviated to psi only when describing the powers.

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Psionic Entity

Characters who can exist solely as a non-corporeal psionic entity completely lacking a body. Can usually possess the bodies of others.

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An adjective referring to the psi powers.

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Psychic Seduction

See: Hypnosis

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The psi ability to move or manipulate physical matter without physically touching it. The word is synonymous with telekinesis, which has the added connotation of greater distance being involved between the matter being manipulated and the manipulator.

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Publishing Initiative

Marvel NOW! promo

A publishing initiative consists of an overhaul of the variety of comic publications offered by Marvel with the intention to attract new readers. In most instances, publishing initiatives mainly involve the cancellation of ongoing series and their relaunch with new issue #1's the following month (or the release of new corresponding series). These relaunches are sometimes accompanied by changes in the creative teams, so as to also reinvigorate the series. Publishing initiatives can sometimes be all-encompassing and involve the overhaul of every title published by Marvel (like All-New, All-Different Marvel), or be focused on a specific line of characters (like ResurrXion). In order to provide easy jumping-in points for readers, most publishing initiatives follow the aftermath of an event, in order to serve as clean slate for new stories.

The first of Marvel's publishing initiatives ocurred in 1996. It was called Heroes Reborn, during which Marvel temporarily outsourced the production of several series to studios owned by some of its former employees. The series relaunched for Heroes Reborn were Avengers, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Captain America.

In modern times, publishing initiatives have become much more recurrent due to the climate in comic retail. Readers look to issue #1's as clear jumping-in points for stories and characters, and it is harder to market relatively-high numbered issues as jumping-in points. The first of the modern-day publishing initiatives was 2012's Marvel NOW!. Picking up the aftermath of the event Avengers vs. X-Men, it saw the overhaul of Marvel's entire line of comics, with new creative teams in every series. The most recent publishing initiative was 2018's Fresh Start. While not all-encompassing, it involved most of Marvel's high-profile series.

(See Also: Category:Publishing Initiatives)
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Pym Particles

A theoretical particle discovered by Dr. Henry Pym that enables size changing and mass shunting.

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The ability to create and/or manipulate fire with psionic energy. See Pyro or Human Torch (Johnny Storm)

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