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Parker Particles

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Also called Alpha Energy,[1] Parker Particles were originally discovered by Reed Richards, who never disclosed the details of his discovery as he deemed them too dangerous. Later, they were rediscovered by Peter Parker. On the day of a demonstration, Ty Stone sabotaged the safety protocols, thus resulting in high school student Andy Maguire gaining immense powers as the superhero known as Alpha.[2]

Peter Parker, using alien technology, depowered Andy Maguire to a mere fraction of his original power after a fight with Terminus alongside The Avengers, where Alpha's lack of control resulted in too much collateral damage.[3]

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The Parker Particles are a hyper-kinetic form of energy tied directly to the expansion of the universe, near-limitless power. When quantified, Reed Richards said Alpha's powers would surpass those of The Hulk, Sentry and even the Phoenix Force, as the first Alpha-Level threat, and these powers would keep growing along with the universe's expansion.[2]

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