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The Psi-Force is a living repository of psychic abilities, a quasi-magical energy field that boosts natural psychic talent within people.[1] This connection between the Psi-Force and its user can manifest in different ways.[2] For example, Kathy Ling's connection grants her the power of technokinesis, whereas Jim Tensen can emmit a powerful energy blast or generate a force field.[3]

The Psi-Force appeared to originate when Emmett Proudhawk met his apparent demise at the hands of Chthon during a mission in Wundagore Mountain together with the First Eternity Battalion. Instead of dying, Proudhawk became the Psi-Force, creating in the process a connection with the only other two survivors of the attack, Jim Tensen and Philip Vogt.[1]

Years later, Tensen became the world's leading Psi-Force expert, and devoted his life into a philosophical seminar with the objective to train young people into tapping into the Psi-Force.[4] The Troubleshooters assembled by Vogt consisted of people with a connection to the Psi-Force.[3]

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