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Reality Warping

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Reality warping is the ability to alter reality, and is often regarded as the ultimate superpower. Generally, it translates as the ability to reshape matter and energy, turn a person's thoughts or desires into reality, bend time and space to travel across timelines, bend, twist or possibly even rewrite the laws of physics and destroy virtually anything.[1]

Some of the most extreme reality warpers, like James Jaspers, are not even limited by their own physical bodies and can alter their own stature and appearance at will, no matter how bizarre it might be. This ability seems to go far beyond anything that "ordinary" shapeshifters like Mystique and Morph could even think of in their wildest imagination. Most mortal-born reality warping individuals tend to be mutants.

According to Dr. Doom, those who warp reality have a spark of magic within them.[2] According to Wiccan, reality warping is greater than magic.[3]

Reality warping can be achieved by different methods. For example, Jamie Braddock manipulates strings while Proteus' reality warping is psionic in nature.[4]

Notable Reality Warpers

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Notable items that can reality warp

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