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Religion is a cultural system of behaviors and practices, societal organisation that are derived from primitives societies across the Multiverse. A lifeforms limited knowledge of the universe around them means they have to intemperate the best they can. The origin of the Marvel Universe and Multiverse is a known fact as it was created by human artists and writers from Earth-1218.[1]


It has been established that beings and entities exist in the Multiverse that are able to wield vast amounts of energy and manipulate reality itself. Their energy has been variously dubbed as "Magic" or "Cosmic Power".[2] When these powerful beings come into contact with lower lifeforms, these creatures' minds are unable to comprehend them and normally worship them as "Gods" or "God".[3]

The form of worship depended on the nature of the beings involved. The worship and devotion themselves can be the result of the lower life forms being forced into worship by a master, or simply being convinced to do so through persuasion and/or promise of a reward. At least some beings have just chosen to worship their gods as an act of their own free will. This practice is taught by the worshipers to their offspring and it influences their descendants' identity and role in society.

The worshipers initially formed small cults, but as the number of their descendants and converts grows with time, some religions have gained numerous adherents. Such religions can become the basis of entire societies.[4] Differences between the various religions and societies has led to various conflicts on various worlds. Many cultures have used religion to persecute and oppress others who are different from them, or who at least seem different to them.

Belief in a higher being has at times helped worshipers through tough times, giving them inner strength to interact with the world. Religious rituals are involved in the bonding ceremonies of mating couples, colloquially known in English as a "Wedding". These rituals are also used in the disposal of the worshipers' physical form, known as a "Funeral". Significant events regarding the "Gods", such as their births and deaths, are often celebrated by lower lifeforms in events known as festivals.


Many societies have become aware of what is known as the afterlife. It has been shown that the energy from a lifeform's body, dubbed as a "Soul", can be transferred to another dimension. There, the energy will continue to exist until the end of the universe. The specific dimension these souls are sent to often depends on their culture and behavior in life. Some are sent to a place of reward and other a place of punishment. The decision of this is more often than not, based on the whims of the higher life forms these souls worship.


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As societies move on and learn they develop scientific practices and create a new social faction, known as the "scientists". Scientists study the universe around them, using evidence rather than mere belief. Over time the society drops various outdated ritual acts and beliefs. But in the Marvel Universe; when a scientist encounter one of these "Gods", they are able to recognize them for what they are: a "higher form of life". The scientists are able to acknowledge their existence and interact with them, but by no means would they bow before another creature or beg it (pray) to alter reality for them.[5]

Over time some of these groups of worshipers and former worshipers have developed into powerful societies and have become highly evolved. They are able to replicate the abilities of the "Gods", such as energy manipulation. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Some beings have even managed to rise to so-called "Godhood" status themselves.[6]

Some beings in the Marvel Universe are aware that they are literary characters. They are aware that they are being observed by beings from Earth-1218. They talk directly to these people, breaking a barrier in reality known as the Fourth wall.[7]

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