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Seventh Cosmos

The Marvel Universe

"Seventh Cosmos" is the denomination given to the seventh iteration of existence and sixth Multiverse. It was originally the current Multiverse. Unlike previous cosmoses, the Seventh was not embodied by one single entity. Rather, it was personified by two: Infinity and Eternity.[1] The Seventh Cosmos was destroyed by the incursions, though most of what had been the Seventh Cosmos was transferred to the Eighth Cosmos, thanks to Reed Richards.[2][3] The beings behind the Seventh Cosmos' end were the Beyonders.[4][5][6]

Incursion from New Avengers Vol 3 5 001

An incursion, a collision of realities at the point of Earth

Battleworld (Latverion) from Thors Vol 1 4 001

Battleworld, the remnants of the Seventh Cosmos as a single patchwork planet

Beyonders from New Avengers Vol 3 32 001

The Beyonders, the destroyers of the Seventh Cosmos

The transition from the Seventh Cosmos to the Eighth Cosmos is quite unusual. Firstly, the Multiverse never completely ended. By stealing the power of the Beyonders and storing it within the Molecule Man, Doctor Doom was able to preserve remnants of the Multiverse as Battleworld.[7] Then, the Molecule Man gave the power of the Beyonders to Reed Richards and they, along with Franklin Richards, restored the Multiverse.[8] However, it was a continuation of the old Multiverse with only minor differences.[9][3]


  • In Secret Wars, it was said that the Beyonders destroyed the Multiverse (Seventh Cosmos) out of boredom and curiosity.[7] However, the Beyonders were later retconned to be benevolent reality engineers and their motivation for destroying the the Multiverse was changed to causing a "firebreak" done in hopes of averting Enigma. They had intended the Eighth Cosmos to be free of it.[6][10]

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