Soul Molecule

A soul molecule is the controlling element of an elemental being. It houses the consciousness or "Soul".

  • Sandman: Over the years, Spider-Man managed to discover that Sandman's consciousness is located in only one grain of sand, which has Marko's brain pattern and is responsible for commanding the other grains of sand what form to take.[1]
    • "Spider-Armor MK III Pink Hippo" App: After spraying Sandman with a radioactive solution and using lenses with a special filter, Spider-Man was able to locate the grain of sand that contained Sandman's mind. He used a smartphone to send a signal that affected this "queen bee" grain, forcing Marko to change forms against his will.[1]
  • Hydro-Man: When Morris transforms into water, one molecule in his body contains his mind and tells the other molecules what to do. If this molecule is separated, the rest of his body becomes ordinary water.[2]

Whether the "soul molecule" principle applies to similar superhumans like Quicksand is unknown.

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