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Spirit of Vengeance

The Spirits of Vengeance are vestiges of God's power bonded to human hosts, created in order to fight, avenge the innocents and slay the wicked.[1]

Alternate realities


Zarathos was an angel, sent initially to protect mankind from evil entities, captured and tortured on Mephisto's orders, using torture instruments forged from the sin of all of mankind, leading to him being corrupted and driven insane by his desire for revenge - both against Mephisto, and against mankind for its sins. His desire to protect the (mostly) innocent among mankind was forgotten, and replaced with a twisted lust for punishing the guilty. From there on, Zarathos would punish, burn, and devour the soul of anyone who had sinned - no matter how small the sin or the age of the sinner. Mephisto at some point bound the fallen angel to Johnny Blaze to create the Ghost Rider.[2][verification needed]

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