A "Star" or "Sun" is a massive energy-producing sphere of plasma and gas located in space. The region around a star that is held by its gravity, including any planets, moons, meteors, comets, and asteroids, is called a Star System. They are born out of huge gaseous nebula. Inside these nebula, centers of higher density form, slowly accumulating more mass as the center's gravity increases, to form a protostar. Pressure in the interior of the protostar rises, in turn increasing the density and temperature until the gas turns to plasma, where the atomic nuclei and the electrons are dissociated from each other. At a sufficient temperature and pressure, nuclear fusion is initiated at the core, producing light: the star is born.


  • The mutant Xorn has a miniature star in his head whch allowed him to emit the same energies a star does. Most notably he gave off electromagnetism. Kuan-Yin's sun was capable of emitting blinding light that could instantly incinerate another being. Xorn was capable of reversing his stars natural state. That is, Kuan-Yin could cause his star to collapse in on itself to form a black hole.

Known Star Systems

A full list of Star Systems can be found here.


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