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America Chavez (Earth-616) Catalina Chavez (Earth-616) Starlings (Earth-616) from America Chavez Made in the USA Vol 1 4 001.jpg

Originally, America Chavez believed a Starling to be a Fuertona who could open star-shaped portals that enabled traversal of the Multiverse and the Timestream, like the goddess Berraca, as well as access the Starling Highway.[1][2][3]

In truth, Starlings were young girls modified to have superpowers on the Utopian Parallel, a remote island far off the shores of Long Island belonging to billionaire Mr. Gales. These young girls had genetic therapy for Edges Syndrome, a genetic disease linked to the XX chromosomes which robbed strength over time, and exposure to interdimensional energies which prolonged their life spans while granting the children powers. When Gales became more invested in the girls embracing their powers, Amalia and Elena Chavez died trying to free the girls, among whom were their daughters: America and Catalina. As America and Catalina made their escape while most of the Starling girls fought off Gales and his security detail, Gales grabbed Catalina at the last second and left America seemingly all alone. For over 15 years, America Chavez was the only known Starling until Catalina's short return, as the other girls are still about in the world in parts unknown.[4]

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