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The Subterraneans consist of various races, each created by the Deviants and living under the surface of the Earth. They were created as slaves but when their masters left they were free to form their own society. Mole-Man became the leader of the land when he made Subterranea his home.

The Subterranean Races

  • Gortokians - (extinct) , first slave race created by the Deviants. They rebelled and formed their own society. The civilization was wiped by the first Atomic tests performed by the humans.
  • Lava Men - Some of the Gortokians worshipped the demon and were transformed into Lava creatures.
  • Moloids - is the second race created by the Deviants as slaves. When the Deviants left them they were split into two groups:
  • Molans
  • Lizard Men
  • Deviant Mutates

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