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Super-soldier is a term often used to describe a soldier that operates beyond normal physical and mental limits of humanity. Super-soldiers are common in comic books.

Super-soldiers are usually heavily augmented, either through genetic engineering, cybernetic implants, drugs, brainwashing, an extreme training regimen (usually with high casualty rates, and starting from birth), or other scientific means or a combination of any of those. Occasionally, some instances also use paranormal methods, such as black magic. The creators of such programs are viewed often as mad scientists or stern military men, depending on the emphasis, as their programs will typically go past ethical boundaries in the pursuit of science/ military might.[citation needed]

Since 1941 more than 500 known attempts have tried to create another super-soldier comparable to Captain America. Fewer than ten subjects are alive.[4]

Kree Super-Soldiers

Similarly, the Kree Empire has attempted to created "super-soldiers" of their own, including Captain Glory (Gla-Ree) (gene-modded to not feel any guilt on the field),[5] Shatterstar (Arides) (the prototype of super-soldiers developed using photometric sciences),[6] or Noh-Varr (gene-perfected with insect DNA).[7]

A list of Kree Super-Soldiers is available here.

Though never referred to as a "super-soldier" so far, the Kree warrior Tel-Kar could likely be considered as such, as he was trained and genetically modified for his body to fully integrate with the Symbiotes later known as Venom.[8]

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