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Symbiote Codices are trace amounts of living abyss left in the bodies of former symbiote hosts,[1] with the greatest concentrations being found in the former hosts' spinal cords.[2] Intended to store and convey information about hosts to the Symbiote Hive, absorbing an extracted codex enables a symbiote to temporarily channel the personality, memories, and any unique powers that the codex's former host may have possessed.[1][3] It was theorized by the Maker that if a symbiote that has been disconnected from the Hive-Mind absorbs enough codices, its connection will be restored;[1] though the only symbiote this is shown to have worked for was the Dark Carnage symbiote - which already possessed a lingering connection to the symbiote god Knull due to being an offshoot of the Grendel symbiote-dragon, which Knull had created and indwelled.[4][5]

While it generally takes forty-eight hours for a symbiote to fully bond to a host,[6] anyone who bonds fully or partially to a symbiote for any length of time is left with a codex.[7] Supernatural entities like demons can also be imbued with symbiote codices, and can transfer them into people who've never bonded to symbiotes themselves - for example, Alejandra Jones received a codex from her Spirit of Vengeance,[3] from when both it and the Venom symbiote had bonded to Red Hulk.[8]

Codices can also affect the behavior and abilities of their hosts in various ways:

Additionally, exposure to certain stimuli can cause codices to reconstitute themselves into fully-fledged symbiotes or pseudo-symbiotes:

  • On multiple occasions, Cletus Kasady was able to regenerate the Carnage symbiote from remnants left in his bloodstream.[14][15] Even when the symbiote had been seemingly completely extracted from him and eaten by Venom,[16] he was able to reconstitute it by amalgamating the trace remnants of it left in his body with the symbiote he'd found in the Negative Zone.[17][18][19] The remnants of the Carnage symbiote in Cletus' body attempted to repel a third symbiote that was being forcibly bonded to him by the Poisons and subsequently consumed to create Poison Carnage,[20] but were suppressed until that Poisoned symbiote's death.[2]
  • The original Anti-Venom symbiote was formed when Eddie Brock's Venom codex was infused with Martin Li's Lightforce powers and merged with his white blood cells.
  • Trace remnants of the Venom symbiote left in Mac Gargan's body were reactivated when Maniac bonded him to a piece of the Mania symbiote, transforming him into a Venomized version of the Scorpion.[21]
  • Eddie Brock amalgamated dozens of extracted codices from numerous symbiotes to form a powerful gestalt symbiote.[22]

Artificial symbiotes like Earth-1610's Venom and Carnage symbiotes, Earth-65's Venom symbiote, and the Venom Virus do not leave codices in their hosts; though they can be amalgamated with codices to augment them.[23]

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