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A Synthezoid is special type of android, also known as a "synthetic humanoid" robot. They are empowered by synthesizing solar energy and are replicas of the human body, containing analogues to virtually all human organs, brain, blood, and tissue, composed of a synthetic organic-like substance, Horton Cells. This substance mimics all the functions of human tissue, but is several times as strong, durable and resilient.

  • The Vision was later fabricated out of the Human Torch's body but modified by Ultron so they no longer reacted to oxygen.[2]
  • Vision later created a synthezoid family in his process to humanize himself. He first created his wife Virginia and then using his and her brainwaves, Vision later created their children, the twins Viv and Vin.[3]
  • Tara was an "Eve-series synthetic humanoid". Her technology was derived from the original Human Torch. She was placed on the newly-formed team of New Invaders, accompanying them on their first field mission. At that time, she did not have full control of her incendiary powers, and was placed in a special containment chamber when not in combat.[4]
  • Adam II was an android created by Phineas Horton after the Human Torch. He turned against his creator and attempted to build an army of androids to destroy humanity. Adam II was responsible for the death of the second Captain America, William Nasland.[5]
  • James Bradley co-created the original Human Torch. Bradley, however, did not get any credit so he built his own called named Volton. After some time Volton went bad, eventually fighting against the Invaders as a member of the Battle-Axis.[6]
  • Eve was a synthezoid created by the Herbert Wyndham on Counter-Earth, modeled after the Vision.[7]

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