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A demonic creature who feeds upon the blood of living beings. Vampires were created by a spell written by the demon Chthon in the Book of the Darkhold. They were temporarily vanquished from the Earthly dimension by the sorcerer supreme Doctor Strange.

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A precious extraterrestrial metal found only in meteor deposits in the African nation of Wakanda and in the now-frozen jungle of the Savage Land.

(See Also: Vibranium)
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Vita-Rays are a part of the Super-Soldier Serum that speeds up the potion's effects and makes them work correctly. They were created by Abraham Erskine. The only Vita-Ray Chamber was destroyed.[1]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

Vita-Rays were created and used by Abraham Erskine as part of Project Rebirth along with the Super Soldier Serum.

During his transformation into the first super soldier, Steve Rogers screamed in pain as his body absorbed a vita radiation level of 70%. Peggy Carter and Erskine wanted to stop the project; however, Rogers begged them not to cease, saying that he could take it. Howard Stark proceeded to increase the output to 100%, causing the chamber to glow so brightly that Chester Phillips and other observers covered their eyes.[2]

A nitramene bomb attached to Leo Fitz

Nitramene, a chemical created by Howard Stark, which is used to implode even entire buildings[3], emits Vita Radiation and it can be detected by a Vita-Ray Detector.[4]

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Gambit Vol 4 9 Textless.jpg

A religion worshiping deities called the Loa, and a system of mystical practices ultimately derived from the Loa. The term 'Voodoo' is derived either from the Loa's alternate name, "Vodu", or from a 12th century French sect called "Vaudois".[1]

Some of the most well known practitioners of this magic are Marie Laveau, The Voodoo Queen, and Jericho Drumm better known as Doctor Voodoo.[2]

Simon Garth was resurrected by a Voodoo cult turning him into a Zombie. They called upon Damballah of the Vodū, the serpent god, and with the aid of matching talismans, resurrected the corpse of her former employer as a mindless zombie. One of the two amulets was placed around Garth's neck; the other was given to Gyps. Using the amulet, Gyps could control the Zombie.[3]

(See Also: Brother Voodoo)

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