Way of the Spider

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Quote1 Just like Shang Chi trained me. No long-range attacks. Up close and personal. Targeting nerve clusters! Pressure points! Striking with spider-speed. Hitting with spider-strength! And that, my friends, is what we call -- the Way of the Spider! Quote2
--Peter Parker[src]
Spider-Man defeating spider-woman

Spider-Man defeating Spider-Woman with the Way of the Spider.

During the events of Spider-Island, Spider-Man went to Shang-Chi for martial arts training on the recommendation from the new Madame Web to compensate for the loss of his Spider-Sense. Together they created the Way of the Spider (or simply nicknamed "Spider-Fu" by Peter), a modified version of Peter's own combat style and Shang-Chi's martial arts.[1]

Spider-fu in action

Spider-Fu in action


Peter Parker combined his bullying experiences, his superhuman capabilities, his mastery of acrobatics, concepts from his combat training with Captain America and his additional training from Shang-Chi to create it. His skill with his fighting style was later increased with the return of his Spider-Sense and currently uses this fighting style to counter all types of combatants, as it complements his superhuman powers. Peter has defeated and stalemated many opponents with this fighting style, notably Spider-Woman,[2] and Shang-Chi.[3]

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